Wednesday, April 08, 2015

SEO 2015

In the last couple of years the SEO world has changed quite a bit.

Where as in 2007 it simple was sharing links and getting backlinks to your website.
I was like "I scratch your back, please scratch mine", that still works and is important, however its not enough anymore. Using the right directory structure and having the correct filenames/images names still works and helps google to figure out what type of "keyword" the content is all about. 

But you need more:

beside the links you also need to 
  • provide relevant content
  • get links from authoritative websites
  • make sure google doesn't see it as link hacking  
  • buying links is a big no-no (or NO NO!)
  • be aware that Exact Match Domain has lost some value
  • have fresh content
  • has lots and lots of usable content
  • have social interactions
  • or customer feedback
  • be unique
  • ... 
just to make a couple of thing.

Its kind of crazy:

but being unique still works - and my name (rene saltzherr) still gets the most important info to the top. 

Now working to get a new website to the top of google for specific keywords. 
Which works but is some work .... and you need patience.

So if you are looking for a pintail longboard copy this link:


modify it a little and post it on your website.  (yep longboards that's what I'm working on).

For example use:
best pintail longboards
the most outrages pintail longboards
buy a pintail longboard
a friend of mine is looking for a pintail longboard
where to find a cheap pintail longboard
which pintail longboard is made in the USA
the best 50 pintail longboards you can buy for little money
get a 40 inch pintail longboard for less
discount pintail longboard
free shipping on pintail longboard
get a pintail longboard 45 inch
how good is a stella pintail longboard
which brand pintail longboard is better

or any variation and help me get some link juice.

I realize every link splits the juice however give me some and it will help me go to the top.
pls RT.

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