Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Search Engine Optimalization SEO

Search engine optimalization or SEO is not as difficult as it looks.

You just have to understand in how google rates pages and where it looks at. There are several aspects which you can play with, some by construction your pages (html) a little different and some by making sure other people find your pages interesting enough.

Your own pages

You can tweak your page a little by making sure you page title is set to usefull and adding some keywords in the header, but the impact is not that big. Also the name of your file can make a difference, so don't call it "page1.html" or "page2.html", but name it like you want it to be found.
I want my pages to be found by looking for rene saltzherr, so I renamed my pages to "home_rene_saltzherr.html", "links_rene_saltzherr.html" etc.
Don't try to spoof keywords, just use the absolute minimum as too many start to work negative pretty quickly.

Other people's pages

The biggest impact do other people have on you. Its a very simple concept the more people link to your page, the more google thinks it should be interesting for others.
So start exchanging page links with other people. Just add a page with links (should ofcourse be related and usefull) to your website, in sections like: references, other interesting stuff etc.,
Than add add link to an other web site and send the appropriate web master an email like "
I think your info is relevant to my readers, I added a link to your page, please provide the same service to your readers and link back to me.
Make sure you give them the html text to do this, so they only have to cut/paste and they are done. You can than also influence what will appear and how the links might be called.

Its a simple "I scrath your back, please scratch mine" approach.

After they have done this, and google has come around for grabbing this link, you could remove the link again, but that's up to you.

This cross linking has the biggest impact, way more than what you can do with your pages, so just try it out and see the results.

So please add a link to your web site with Web site of Rene Saltzherr and see what happens.
You should see your pages go up on google search pretty quickly.
Happy linking.